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BottleCaps – Bottle Cap Generator – Cap It!

Are you looking for an unique way to present your graphics, illustrations, or other assets on your website? Or maybe you’re looking for a great cover for a new book, manual, blog post or something else? Look no further!

We all know the classic bottle caps! You might see them everyday when you frink your beer, coke or other soda. Did you always had that need to design your own? No? Then you most likely won’t need this new cap generator! But still… it creates a great effect for your graphics!

So look no further and start generate your own personal bottle caps with this one of a kind action/generator for Photoshop CS!

The creation kit/pack contains the following:

Specially made for Adobe Photoshop CS+
Easy action file for Photoshop to generate a cap from each square image!
It’s simple to change the color of each bottle cap!
They look like they´re real!
Combine them with the Character Creation Kit for unique caps!
Create your own bottle cap!
Create your own BottleCaps!


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