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Christmas Sweater Effect Pro

Christmas Sweater Photoshop Action Free Download

Please note you’ll need Photoshop CS2 or higher for the Sweater Effect Pro. For the bonus effects, you need Photoshop CS4 or higher.

Looking to make a clever and unique graphic for the holidays? Sweater Effect Pro is the solution! This set of Photoshop actions will take your graphic, and quickly convert it to a knitted sweater look. The actions work with simple black and white artwork, full color graphics and even pixel art. Also included are a ton of extra patterns and elements that are easy to drag and drop into your project. Looking for an even faster option? We have a few pre-made templates ready to go as well. With all the graphics, you have full control and have lots of customization options. Included are full video instructions and a PDF tutorial to get you up and running as fast as possible.

NOTE: In the spirit of the holidays, I’ve decided to include 3 other products for free that complement this set of actions.

5 Photoshop Actions:

Black on White BG – This action takes your graphic and ‘knits’ anything that’s black, while removing the white areas.
Black on Transparent BG – This converts any artwork on a transparent background. This is a great option when you have single elements you want to quickly convert and work into your project.
Color on Transparent BG – This is great for logos and graphics. It will allow you to simplify the colorways of your graphic and then convert everything over.
Pixel Black on White – Some artists like 100% control over the pixelization rather than letting the computer make any assumptions with your work. This will take your pixel graphic, and covert each pixel to a ‘knit’. Anything in black is ‘knitted’ and anything white is removed.
Pixel Color on Transparent BG – Similar to the action above, but optimized for color images.
Elements and Patterns:

28 Elements – Reindeer, trees, snowflakes and more.
20 Patterns – Repeating patterns.
Alphabet – Two sets of A-Z characters. Optimized for legibility.
Templates – Two starter templates for quick projects.

Video instructions / tutorial – I walk through the installation, and how to use each action, and work the elements/patterns into your work.
PDF instructions – For those who aren’t a fan of videos, a PDF is included is well.


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