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Papercut Toolkit for Photoshop

Papercut Toolkit for Photoshop

Papercut Toolkit for Designers and Illustrators

No more cuts and blisters for your fingers!

This is a toolkit with actions, layer styles and patterns that will allow you to create digital papercut illustrations, typography designs, prints and posters, invites and cards or just enjoy papercutting without all the fancy tools and materials.

This toolbox is designed to save you tons of time and give you maximum freedom to design or illustrate.

What’s inside: 3 different sets of actions, that work differently and give you great variety of shadows, paper thickness, concave, convex, cylinder bends.

15 paper textures allow you to use a color palette by your choice, but if you prefer a standard pastel paper palette – we got your back too – 69 bright color textured layer styles to apply with a click! There is even a style for scored paper (check the pink cover to see the effect)!

Additionally all the 15 textures are available to you as Patterns + 63 almost white pastel tone paper patterns.

We have included a template file for easiest use – just fill the layers with artwork elements and run the actions from the set. To help you start right away, there’s a copy of the template, but with the old Artist from the cover ready to be back-engineered. Try and run the actions on him to see it live instantly.

We have even added an EPS 10 with all vector shapes used for the preview images.

You also get a PDF User Guide that has all the info to start.

The toolkit works with Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6 Extended ( update 13.1.x) Some actions and all styles and patterns work with PSE 15 (great for scrapbooking!).


Please comment below if download link dies. Thank you 🙂

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