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X-Ray Sketching 21050204

X-Ray Sketching will turns your photos in minutes into a realistic X-Ray and line sketch. Once Action is done an organized structure of layers will provide you more options for customization.

Key Features:
Photoshop ATN & ABR & PAT files included
Video Tutorial
Multiple Colored sketching result
Intuitive and Easy to use
Note : Images used in this template are not included.
Main Photoshop Settings

Make sure you are using the English version of Photoshop. Each action has been created and optimized to work only with the English version of Photoshop, so please make sure that you are using this version. If not, don’t worry: you can change the language of your version of Photoshop to English (and switch back again) using this method: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=How+to+change+language+on+Photoshop+to+english.
Use the RGB Mode and 8 Bits color. To check these settings, go to Image->Mode and check the “RGB color” and “8 Bits/Channel”
Make sure that the option “Add ‘copy’ to Copied Layers and Groups” is turned on. This option applies only to CS5 and later versions of Photoshop. On the “LAYERS” panel, click on the menu icon, go to “Panel Options…”, and check that the “Add ‘copy’ to Copied Layers and Groups” is turned on.
Use a photo with 72dpi or higher. If you are using a photo with less than 72dpi, the action will not function correctly. To fix this, go to Image->Image Size and increase the resolution value
Set the Opacity of brush to 100%. Set the Opacity of the brush to 100%. Select the “Brush Tool” and move the opacity slider to 100%


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